• Video Review On Wild Kingdom Mushroom Extracts by Katie Type A

    In this video, biohacking experts Katie & Jasper sit down with Wild Kingdom founder, Neil Thenier, to explore the health benefits of each Wild Kingdom mushroom extract and explain why you may want to reconsider taking mushroom powders.     Click Here to view all Wild Kingdom products. View Post
  • Chaga Ecology What often gets mistaken for burnt wood or wood burls growing on the trunk of birch trees throughout the northern hemisphere, is actually the most antioxidant rich food on the planet: Chaga. It is a parasitic fungus that helps regulate ecosystems by killing off trees that can no l... View Post
  • Immune supporting is an understatement when describing the role this incredible mushroom plays on human health. Growing naturally in deciduous forests around the world, the primary function of Turkey Tail in the wild is to recycle dead wood and turn it back into soil. But, if we are nature savvy... View Post