About Us

We at Wild Kingdom are on a mission to deliver the essential compounds from nature that increase longevity, promote vitality, and boost immunity. 

Founded by life long forager, musician, and IIN certified health coach Neil Thenier, Wild Kingdom has become the leading brand in ecology based wellness.

Our company's foundation is it's deep connection with nature. By practicing sustainable foraging techniques which entails learning each mushroom's ecology and knowing when and when not to harvest, we are able to create potent mushroom extracts with incredible health benefits that help promote the next generation of wild ecology. 

All of our extracts are wild crafted, and extracted using organic grape alcohol and natural spring water. We use Miron glass bottles that protect our extracts from oxidative light damage.

We are extremely passionate about providing you with a truly natural highly potent herbal extract and hope you enjoy your wild experience!


Neil Thenier- Founder & Mushroom Forager

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