Complete Apothecary Bundle

$275.00 $310.00

With our Complete Apothecary Bundle, you now have access to our full line of highly potent, wild mushroom, elderberry, and pine pollen extracts.

This bundle includes:

  • New! Cordyceps. Energize and build endurance with Cordyceps’s adenosine, cordycepin, polysaccharides and glucans. 
  • Lion’s Mane: Lift brain fog, increase memory, and boost cognition with Lion's Mane’s erinacine compounds.
  • Chaga: Reduces inflammation and free radicals thanks to Chaga's high concentration of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory terpenes.
  • Reishi: Increase energy, adapt to stress, and enhance endurance thanks to the adaptogenic triterpenes found in Reishi mushroom.
  • Turkey Tail: Boost your immune system and promote healthy digestion with Turkey Tail's abundance of polysaccharides, beta glucans, and prebiotic properties.
  • Maitake: Support healthy immune function and blood sugar levels with Maitake’s polysaccharides and beta glucans.
  • Pine Pollen: Increase stores of free testosterone, boost immunity, and enhance your energy levels thanks to Pine Pollen's phytoandrogens, amino acids, and vitamins and minerals.
  • Elderberry: Support speedy recovery from colds and the flu with Elderberry's polyphenols, flavonoids, and antioxidants.

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